Fish Finder Charters Testimonials

[one_third_first]testimonial3-14-fish-biloxi[/one_third_first][two_third_last]” Mike, thanks again for a great outing. Enjoyed getting into the sheephead and the boys had a blast! A fantastic way to spend the morning.” ~Pratt
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“Hello, Capt. Mike. This is from the couple you took out on Wednesday morning 5-30-12, Darrell and Pam from Oklahoma. We just wanted to tell you, Tyler and Cody that we really had a great time. It was the best part of our vacation. I wasn’t too sure how well I would do if I ever got a big one on. I had a mild stroke 2 yrs ago and it left me a little weak on the right side, but I wanted to try it. Tyler and Cody were great and patient. Thanks again, and if we ever get to Biloxi again, we’ll look you up so we can do it again.”

[one_third_first]testimonial4-fish-biloxi[/one_third_first][two_third_last]”Captain Mike, Thanks again for such an awesome fishing trip! You and Wes were quite the team! Angela, who caught the shark said she didnt even know that catching one was ON her bucket list- but now that she has, it’s crossed off her list! What an incredible thing to do! Catch a SHARK! We took your advice, went to have the Spanish Mackerel fried and the Red Fish grilled. They were BOTH GREAT! We all preferred the fried though… must be a southern thing! You also ordered up the perfect weather day! Cant get better than that! 80 degrees, sunny, catching a shark, great fishing, super boat….= a great TIME!
Thanks for everything! Would love to do it again in the spring! We will call you then!” ~Susan Crosby[/two_third_last]